Print with Us

First you need to set up your files to print. Check out our print
specifications here


If you’re in Sydney, you can come to our studio space (10 minutes walk from Green Square) and print with a collective member who will help and show you how to use the machine. You do not need to know how to use the machine in advance. Make a booking through Acuity.

Otherwise, we can do the printing for you. Labour costs $50/hr
including GST. Please contact us for more info or a quote.


You can work out how much your printing will cost using these prices.

  • Masters 10.00
  • Ink A3 impression (each colour) 0.20
  • Ink A4 impression (each colour) 0.15
  • 25.00 / one hour
  • 40.00 / two hours
  • Paper prices depend on the paper chosen

Student discount 10% (excluding the booking fee)
Bulk discount 15% (for a spend of more than 200.00 excluding the booking fee)
Volunteer discount 50%

GST is included.

You can pay by cash, card or bank transfer.

Make a booking through Acuity.